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Spooky St Paul's
Originally uploaded by m+b
St Paul's Cathedral looks amazing. Been meaning to try doubles for a long time now.
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Hello all. It's been a while. I could start off with excuses but most of them are kind of pathetic and lame (which may mean the same thing but I'd like to think they differ slightly). But if you really wanted to know, I pretty much had a head on collision with a bus called 'life'. And by life, I actually mean I've been too busy going online (updating this lj specially) because I've been carousing around town doing awesome and dorky stuff like spending time with the fam, being a part time driver, couch potato-ing and contemplating why every time I listen to Lady Gaga my soul throws up a little. I've also been pretty much in love with the Flight Of The Conchords. That and some other stuff that are not fit to mention in front of little girls and little boys j/k. Bad joke.

Although with all that said, I did manage to turn up to the Lomo Matrix event. To be honest, I wasn't planning on going because I was simply too embarrassed, nervous and intimidated. You see, I'm not that social to begin with and it takes a bit of courage on my part to turn up to these things. Did I mention they're really, really cool people? But alas, my worries were uncalled for. Everyone was really nice and it was pretty cool to be able to finally meet everyone. Thanks to Bob, Zaf, Lisa, Jae, Adam, Fathie D, Art Kyo, Nunu, Rehan, Karen, Joey and Reo for a great time. You guys are too cool.

So it's been three months since my last update and I've got tons of rolls to develop and no scanner to scan them with yet. I imagine my scanner and the rest of my boxes are floating its torturously slow merry way across the south china sea/pacific ocean/atlantic ocean (and I dare call myself a geographer) to the land of dreams. So without further delay, here are pictures that I've pretty much deeelaaaayeeeed posting up from flickr. These were taken with my Canon EOS 5. Scanned by me. Resized by me.

Canon EOS 5, 2009

beak street

eastpak makes the world go round

not quite soho


the back streets of carnaby

Canon EOS 5, 2009


freeze frame.



icy road

norfolk Square

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First and foremost, I would like to declare my freedom from the evil clutches of the educational system! FREEDOM! Well, for a while anyway. I don't know what's next for me - there are a whole load of possibilities out there and I'm sort of hoping that "going with the flow" will serve me well. I'm a big believer in "leaving it up to fate" and so far, it's been working out well for me. So insyallah, this time it will be no different! :D :D :D

Technically, I've been free since the 2nd of June and am now the ripe age of twenty-two. The occasion of my birth was not fun in the slightest since it was also the day of my Environment exam and the day before my Gender exam. June 1st for me has always been cast in shadow by other less important days. For example, it is also "Hari Gawai" so I've suffered through enough "Happy....HARI GAWAI!!!" jokes that my arms automatically deck the person who dare to utter those words to my face. Most people in Brunei know that May 31st is Army Day and the one-day holiday 'sempena' the Army day never fails to fall on the 1st of June! As a kid, this sucked so much because my school buddies would have a holiday on my birthday so I couldn't actually celebrate it in school. Come to think of it, I never did! It has also come to my attention that June 1st is also International Children's Day. This one I'm not too bothered by because....I'm going to go ahead and be cheesy and say "I'm a child at heart!".

What have I been up to after three months of nada? I've been 'trying' to pack five years worth of accumulated junk, going out with friends, reading up books I'd physically restrained myself from reading, watching star trek over and over again, and playing my ukulele. In between those things, I did take some pictures. :D But I'd like to bring out my developed Holga 135BC shots because the Viv and redscale has been given enough spotlight. That and I miss what my Holga 135BC can do. These were taken months ago when I was visiting Bristol. I learned that sunset isn't the best time to take pictures even with seemingly enough sunlight and ISO 400 film. :( As always film scanned, cropped and posted. No photoshop involved. :)







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Two mah-jurs essays and a half-dead student later, I am back with some more pictures! I've been limiting myself to uploading 5 or so shots to flickr because it's no fun dumping a gazillion photos all in one go and not have anyone look at each and everyone of them.

I'm loving my vivitar uws more and more everytime I take it out for a spin but I suspect it's falling apart because the rewinding spool is poking out. Not a good sign apparently. :( I'm also treating this place as more and more of a blog! Damn it, I have things to talk about. About the astronaut ice cream I just ate. About how Gambit and Wolverine rocked and how Daniel Henney and his extreme douche-baggery kinda made me die a little inside. About the fact I had two rolls developed and I won't be able to get my grubby hands on them till tuesday. WHY?

Plastic arsenal: The vivster! Too much? Ok. Vivitar UWS.
Film: LOMO Redscale ISO 100.

shadows and trees


growing old together

covent garden

stage door

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Glamourous title, eh?

WELL. I have been missing in action for quite a while and that, my friends, is attributed to the hectic life of a final year student. That and then some.

My lovely (and generous!) sister, fzah, gifted me with redscale film in a ILUVTOYCAMERAS moment. As with all LOMO stuff, it was knee-crunchingly expensive especially when you take into account that all LOMO did was invert the film so that the wrong side of it is exposed to shots. (There is a way to do this yourself however!) But alas, my curiosity won out and well, it was a gift so this is all thanks to my sista. :D

Also, I would like to announce the arrival of my much anticipated(by me anyway!) film scanner - Canoscan 8800f. This bugger took its merry time to arrive - almost a month - because it was out of stock. I'm still feeling things out. I'm pretty sure there is more to it than loading the film and hitting scan. I think. I'm looking forward to digitizing some of my dad's old slides. I'm sure he'd like that very much. :)

I love redscale and I love my VIVITAR UWS. It is morbid and compact and it just makes everything look so pretty. It may be small and plastic and unassuming but it takes amazing pictures. It's a frakkin' one piece wonder.



rebels and saviors


empires for profit

on the way home

by the docks

HOLGA 120GN, 2008

one day at primrose hill

waffles at covent garden



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Circa 2005 when I was still crazy about photoshop. I did a series featuring my college-mates and well, let's just say, I spent hours and hours playing with them. Good times.

The picture above didn't come from a plastic camera but it's fun enough to be here? Sides' I hear the blogger has the right to post anything she wants. ;P I've emerged from the depths of hell uni to update everyone (or anyone!) of what the heck I'm doing or not doing at the moment.

What I am doing is taking pictures - albeit irregularly. There are good days and bad days. We haven't been getting a lot of sunny days so that constrains the picture taking - especially when I haven't got a portable flash with me.

What I am not doing is developing all the film rolls I've shot - to date, I have about 5 undeveloped rolls and 4 in-camera rolls. So There's quite a lot. I've been holding out developing them because I've been saving up for a scanner that does 35mm and 120! So if all goes well, I'll be the owner a shiny new scanner soon. :D :D :D

Also, I'd like to welcome two new additions to my collection of cameras! Unfortunately, I don't have the creativity to name each and everyone of them - I just end up putting a MY in front of their official names.


I got this from my uncle - very reasonably priced. My first SLR! Personally, I would've preferred the older and fully manual ones since those were the ones I used during my A-levels. Very nearly bashed my head in thinking about whether or not to get it. In the end, I took the plunge and well, I'm still learning to love it. I have a tendency to use the presets a little more than I'd like to. :( This makes me feel ashamed and newbie-ish.



Lubitel 2

I am excited but at the same time, wary of the results. This wasn't really the TLR I was aiming for. :( BUT I GOT EXCITED. IT WAS ONLY 35 POUNDS.

What was I supposed to say? Steel myself and say no?


We've already established that I've no self-control when it comes to these things.

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One of my old shots - also, one of the very few without a black border! That was because I scanned the prints. Fake polaroid using poladroid.

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Pictured: Ringflash and hotshoe sync cord (printer not included! XD)

Pictured: 4 solid color rings, small pouch containing 12 color filters, lomo ringflash booklet and ringflash manual

Pictured: 5 camera adapters for holga 120 series, diana, fisheye and fisheye 2.0, lc-a and lc-a +

CONDITION: Mint condition. It's never been outdoors and has been sitting on the shelf unloved for about three months. I've put in AA batteries for a couple of test shots and all is working well but batteries will not be included in the sale. It's missing some plastic packaging that displays the ringflash in the mini window of the box (pictured).

PAYMENT will be when I hand over the ringflash at a predetermined time and place.

OFFER ENDS 6TH JANUARY 2009 because I'll be flying off for the UK after that.

I originally bought  the ringflash for personal use but it seems that I'll never be getting round to actually using it. 

Original price paid: 50 GBP
Selling for: $120 BND

ACCEPTING OFFERS - send me your price via fehrry@gmail.com

Leave a comment for general questions and e-mail:
fehrry @ gmail.com  if you're interested.

Thanks for looking! :)


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This, my readers, is my winter camera for the christmas holidays. I had it delivered to Brunei from the UK. (Rant: Customs people at the post office suck.) Yes, I'm back in Brunei and it's been two weeks plus. I had a roll in my Holga135BC and I didn't want to risk the airport security popping it open because it looks fake and I might be smuggling smarties. As always, security at Heathrow was a pain in the ass. Even more so this time around because I was alone and was bringing 800 ISO film which is said to be too sensitive for the airport x-rays. I had to convince this none-too-happy lady to hand check them.

How did the Viv UWS come my way? Well, since I'm a cheapskate, I was looking for a nice wide angle plastic camera and this came up. Looked through its flickr pool and was suitably impressed. Added bonus is that it's been called the poorman's LCA. *cough* What does that say about me?

I've run a test roll through it. Although a test roll implies crappy results and dodgy finger placement, the pictures which came out were more than decent. I did manage to lodge a few fingers into the lens but that was two or three shots at the most. These shots will never see the light of day. LULZ.

Things I learned:

The Viv needs to be handled delicately.
Again, fingers as far away from the lens.
Swinging it around by the strap is probably not a good idea.
You're never going to be taken seriously sporting this pipsqueak around.


My PS is on the fritz so these are not resized and as is.

Plastic arsenal: Vivitar UWS
Film: Kodak Gold 200 (Bui...)
Location: Serasa Beach, Muara

conversations along the way
conversations along the way

invisible shards
invisible shards

flare 1
flare attempt #1

flare 2
flare attempt #2

calling it a day
calling it a day

photogs smile for the camera
photogs smile for the camera

boy with an attitude

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Plastic arsenal: Holga135BC
Film: Fuji Superia 800
Location: Hyde Park Winterwonderland

The bunny girl.

The view from my room is sometimes pretty.

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